Hillary Clinton has had a few stumbles this week, to put it kindly. The embattled Democratic front-runner's campaign might be in even more trouble, if the past few days’ events are any indication.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin Democratic primary by a cool 13.2 points over Hillary Clinton. Winning seven of the last eight Democratic contests has put momentum on Bernie's side. If Clinton loses in New York next week, her campaign will have great cause for concern. Since New York is Bernie’s home state (and Hillary’s adopted home state), Hillary has a tough task ahead: She must convince New York voters that she -- who bought a mansion there so she would meet the residency requirement to run for Senate -- is a stronger ally to them than born-and-raised Brooklynite Bernie Sanders.

And if there’s anything we all know about New Yorkers, it’s that they’re so welcoming and trusting of outsiders.

On Thursday morning, Hillary had a campaign photo op on the New York City subway. This should have been easy for her -- all she had to do was get on a train, let the photographers snap their photos, and the implied message to New Yorkers would be “See? I’m just like you!” But it seems that Clinton’s subway skills were a little rusty. It took her several tries to swipe her pass so that the turnstile would open, creating an awkward scene in front of the cameras.

The morning after her defeat in Wisconsin, Hillary went on The View for the same reason any Democrat goes on The View, to answer softball questions from a left-leaning group of hosts. During her interview, she called Megyn Kelly a “superb journalist.” There’s no question that Megyn Kelly has emerged this election cycle as someone who’s tough and in command of the facts. But for someone she supposedly respects, the Free Beacon found that Hillary Clinton has never once agreed to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly.

Seems like Clinton knows she would crumble under the questions asked by such a “superb journalist.”

And to top it all off, Former President Bill Clinton sparred with Black Lives Matter protesters at a rally in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. Both Clintons are now in the awkward position of defending the 1994 crime bill, which Bill signed into law and Hillary vocally supported as First Lady. Bill Clinton remarked, "You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter." Accusing Black Lives Matter of defending murderers is, one would think, not likely to win over any BLM activists to Hillary’s side. In fact, Bill’s response to the protestors probably makes future protests at Hillary rallies even more likely. Isn’t Bill supposed to be the charismatic one?

In four days, Hillary Clinton will have been officially running for president for one full calendar year. She probably thought that she’d have the nomination in the bag by now, but she still has a long road ahead just to clinch the nomination, and win the privilege of another drawn-out fight, this time against Republicans.