Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has expressed disdain for the Second Amendment and the NRA. Her campaign website has a page devoted to "Gun violence prevention," in which she touts "a record of advocating for commonsense approaches to reduce gun violence." Her page also mentions Mothers of the Movement, the group who spoke at the DNC last month, where Hillary also knocked gun rights in her acceptance speech.

"I'm not here to take away your guns," Hillary said, though in the past she has signaled possible support for a gun buyback program.

Even if Hillary would stop at "commonsense approaches," her millennial supporters are a different story. Campus Reform recently spoke to many of them about gun rights at a rally in Annandale, Virginia, where some even agreed it would be a good idea to get rid of the Second Amendment altogether.

Her young supporters were enthusiastic about the issue. One young woman said "we need to start viewing human rights as more important than gun rights," and passionately claimed gun owners "just don't really understand that the value of life is so much more than the right to bear arms."

Many expressed complete disdain for the Constitution and recommended repealing the Second Amendment and starting from scratch, simply because the document was written so long ago.

One young man admitted it would be hard to repeal the Second Amendment, though he thought it was "a good proposal." When asked about the NRA, he said he hated the group and wanted to get rid of it. Another suggested that wealthy people shouldn't need to or want to own guns.

Regardless of what she claims, Hillary's own enthusiastic supporters believe that she is "definitely going to be one of those people who can really spark that conversation and make a change" when it comes to repealing the Second Amendment.