It is illegal for a Super PAC to consult with a political campaign about strategy, but they should at least have similar principles to the candidate they are supporting.

Hillary Clinton came out slamming the car service company Uber during her economic policy speech on Monday. Unfortunately for Clinton, her PAC used Uber over conventional cab companies by a margin of 25:1, The Daily Caller reported Monday.

While she didn't mention Uber directly during her speech, she referred to many corporate policies the company uses, including featuring employees as contractors.

“I’ll crack down on bosses who exploit employees by misclassifying them as contractors or even steal their wages,” Clinton said during her speech.

The Ready PAC, formerly known as Ready for Hillary PAC, showed substantial use by the PAC's personnel. Records by the FEC show the Ready PAC made 105 purchases with Uber, totaling $3,518.25 between October and December of 2014. During that same period, they used conventional cabs just twice, for a total of $137.78.

Principles are a beautiful thing, but the Clinton team prefers hypocrisy.