Could Hillary Clinton actually be helping make the case of conservatism to Millennials? One TV host thinks so.

On a segment on TheBlaze TV, host Stu Burguiere pointed out that Clinton's recent comments attacking companies like Uber may actually be inadvertently pushing Millennials towards the GOP's conservative policies.

In her economic policy speech Monday, Clinton slammed companies, like Uber, who classify employees as  contractors saying she would “crack down on bosses who exploit employees."

Her not so subtle attack on entrepreneurial, hard-workers -- “making extra money renting out a small room, designing websites, selling products they design themselves at home, or even driving their own car"--  is turning off a lot of young people who are fans of what she called the "gig economy."

Millennials more so than other generation understand and value innovation and finding creative ways to use their skills to make money -- either as a main source of income or to make a little side cash. Driving their cars for a company like Uber or Lyft or designing a website for someone freelance, for example.

“There’s nothing like government taking solid innovation that makes everyone’s lives better and screwing it up,” Burguiere said while guest hosting for The Glenn Beck Program. “I never doubted that Hillary was going to campaign against the free market.…I just never thought she would say it in such a thinly-veiled way!”

The "solid innovation" Burguiere refers to is hugely popular among Millennials who -- upon closer inspection of Clinton's backwards statements -- may be swayed to learn more about conservatism and the free-market ideals they benefit so much from.

“An 18-to-35-year-old doesn't care about unions, job protection and pensions,” Burguiere said on The Glen Beck Program. “They care about their freedom to call a stranger at 3 a.m. to pick them up from the bar and get them home before they black out.…While many of them think they’re progressive, they actually love using the things that the free market provides.”

PSA to all the Millennials out there. When you leave the bar and hop in your Uber home this weekend, remember which presidential candidate wants you to take a hike and walk home instead.