At a speech in Iowa Sunday, Democratic front runner and only female in her mind Hillary Clinton was quick to capitalize on her gender and summarize the GOP field as "those guys on the other side" before remembering that -- oops -- she's not the only woman running for President!

"Those guys on the other side, and by the way they are all guys last time I checked - Oh no. There is one woman.  There's one woman. Sorry, I forgot."

While most major news networks have failed to report Clinton's gaffe, those in attendance and Twitchy did not let the thinly veiled insult go unnoticed:

Hillary's comments on "the other side" came while addressing climate change and Republicans' alleged incompetency on the topic. Her speech, held at the Iowa State University as a part of her three-day campaign stop, was actually supposed to be on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The jury is still out on how climate change is related to the plight of disabled Americans.

After remembering the "other woman" in the overall race, Clinton told the audience that "those guys on the other side" avoid climate change questions because they aren't scientists -- but she heroically embraces climate change because "I'm just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain."


Though her ill-informed comments came across to many as a subconscious way of saying "Hey! Remember, I'm a ~woman~ and those old Republicans are just a party of rich white guys!" -- maybe her intent was to show that even esteemed women like herself need education reform, like Common Core, because math is really hard! (1 woman on this side, one on that side, equals the same playing field on both sides!)

So to clear up any confusion as to which "side" is representing the most Americans, here is a helpful picture of all the declared 2016 presidential candidates.

Take a quick look and, for optics' sake alone, see which party seems to have the most bases covered when it comes to a diverse field of candidates.