Good news girls - the popular, 'Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan,' Tumblr will definitely continue until until the election. Now that Ryan has been chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, the site will continue to produce funny, political memes based on the attractive 42 year-old according to one of the site's founders.

"People really like it," said one of the founders, Emily Zanotti. "And until people are tired of it, we're going to keep going... definitely up to the election."

The blog started earlier in the spring when original founders Lyndsey Fifield and Zanotti thought it would be funny to make a Ryan meme. They decided to turn the meme into a tumblr in the style of the, "Texts from Hillary" tumblr which went viral, even receiving a shout-out from Hilary Clinton herself, earlier this year.

"It went viral the very first day," said Fifield in a phone interview. "We intended it originally for our friends and we couldn't believe how many shares it got."

Before the announcement for Vice President, the girls had stopped the tumblr in July, after Ryan himself acknowledged its existence in a "Don Wade and Roma" radio interview and wasn't too thrilled about it.

When the radio show host said he wanted to drive traffic to the blog, Ryan laughed and said, “No, no. We’re good. Please don’t do that."

The girls didn't want to make him feel bad so they decided to stop the blog before it became a problem. "We understood- it wasn't mean or anything," said Zanotti. "I think he was just shocked by it."

But they couldn't resist opening it back up after the announcement of Ryan as the pick for Vice President. "We brought it back by popular demand," said Zanotti. "We just have so much fun, it's been a great experience."

Fifield's favorite meme sports Ryan in a football uniform:

And Zanotti's favorite meme gets a little more tecnhical:

The girls have enjoyed their summer success and are planning to start more Tumblr blogs in the future.

One of their ideas? Hey Girl It's Joe Biden.

"He's just so photogenic," said Fifield.