Paul Ryan adorers can get their fill of Ryan photos and memes now that his popular fan tumblr has opened back up to celebrate Mitt Romney's VP pick.

"Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan," went viral on social media earlier this year, only to close down three months ago once Ryan acknowledged the site.

"The decision to end the site was based partly on the fact that we’d gotten a response [from Ryan] and partly because we wanted to end on a funny note," the un-named founders said to Laura Donovan on the  The Jane Dough.  "It turns out our message resonated, especially among women, but with politics, the window of opportunity is small and its not long before things become stale."

But they never could have predicted just how un-stale things would get. Ryan was googled over 1 million times this weekend and has been one of the top trending names on Facebook and Twitter, and it's not only because of his conservative policies. He's getting name recognition just because he's hot.

Some of the top google searches for Paul Ryan include, "Paul Ryan shirtless," "Paul Ryan is sexy" and "Paul Ryan is hot."

And don't forget Twitter, here's just some of what has been tweeted about Ryan's physique over the weekend:

Not to be outdone, the girls from "Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan," have added their own brand new memes to the mix, which are already reaching high share rates on Facebook:

The girls have given no indication if they plan to re-close the site after the Ryan VP hype is over, but right now they're just enjoying the limelight.