After the New York Times reported that Scott Walker told Heritage Foundation scholar Stephen Moore in a phone call that he was "not going nativist" on immigration, Moore now says that phone call never actually happened.

The claim about the phone call, published in the Times on Thursday, was not well-received by Walker's staff. Aides to the governor put pressure on Moore until he recanted the story.

Not only did he say that he had "misspoken" about the conversation, he went on to tell the Times that the conversation never took place.

Breitbart News contacted Moore on Friday, and he said that he had "miscommunicated" the phone conversation to the Times. The Heritage scholar said that he did have a conversation with Walker and CNBC's Larry Kudlow a few months ago, where the governor stated he was pro-skilled immigration.

“I was talking to Larry, and he reported back to us because I asked, ‘Well how did the meeting go?’ and he said ‘We talked a lot about a lot of issues. This was right about the time this immigration issue had sprung up, and Larry was like ‘Oh, he’s going to be with us on immigration,’” Moore told Matt Boyle of Breitbart News.

When Boyle asked Kudlow about those facts, he denied them.

“No. That is just not true," Kudlow replied. "The only thing I might have said to Steve and Art is that I talked to the governor about a lot of issues. I made no definitive statements on taxes, immigration, trade, nothing. Look this was a private meeting. A guy asks you in, and it was a private off the record meeting, you keep it private and off the record. The only thing I can confirm is that I probably said to Steve we talked about a lot of issues. Nothing more."

Moore emailed the New York Times reporter on Sunday to clarify his statements. While he recanted the story about the phone call, he stood by his beliefs that Walker was pro-immigration.