Elite Daily's Gen Why recently released their Millennial Olympics video, and it's exactly what you'd expect. The focus would be on social media, from the various competitions, to where they would take place, and what the participation awards would be.

The games would involve Netflix binges, who can take the best selfie, who has the most inspirational Instagram posts, and a Tinder event known as "swipe right." Judges would respond with emojis, if they could stop paying attention to their phone for long enough, that is.

"Millennials don't care about the Olympics because we literally don't have the attention span," said Katie Haller. "If something's that amazing, I'll wait for the GIF."

Syndee Washington wondered, "If they're not running or swimming after Pokemon, who cares?" She also suggested that instead of medals, winners should be rewarded with 10,000 Instagram followers.

Another young woman suggested the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals be in the form of iPhones.

"Metals would be so boring, that is good for like one Instagram picture," Nick Paris said. He suggested millennials get real rewards, like paying off student loans or getting verified on Twitter.