Barely 24 hours after the horrific tragedy at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, liberals again used the incident to push their anti-gun agenda. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to a Sikh cultural center to push gun control. New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg immediately said government needed to redouble its gun control efforts. And, of course, President Barack Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney accused Congress of not enacting stronger gun control laws and said Eric Holder’s Department of Justice would enact measures regarding background checks that would make it more difficult for citizens to purchase guns.
Carney said there has been a “reluctance” by Congress to pass stronger bans against weapons labeled as “assault weapons” but reiterated that Obama “does support renewing the assault weapons ban.”
“If such legislation emerges, the president will evaluate it, the White House will evaluate it, guided by the principle I talked about earlier,” Carney said, according to the Washington Examiner.  We all recognize the situation in Congress with respect to that renewal.”
Carney then revealed the Justice Department would “enhance security by making it harder for those who should not have these weapons to obtain them” by calling for more background checks.

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