Gun control activists are hyperventilating. They have accused the National Rifle Association of spending millions of dollar in political expenditures that they never reported over the last few election cycles.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence delivered a petition to the Federal Election Commission Thursday demanding that both they and the IRS investigate the NRA's fundraising activities,  The Hill reported.

Last month a similar charge was brought against the NRA by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

"The NRA should be transparent about the millions of dollars it is spending on political activities,” the petition, which was signed by more than 11,000 people, stated.

The allegations stem from a Yahoo News report that accused the NRA of failing to report $33 million in political expenditures from 2008 to 2013. According to that article, the gun lobby failed to pay $600,000 in taxes off of those dollars.

The NRA denied all of those allegations and pointed out that Yahoo News later updated the report to clarify. They blamed any discrepancies on "clerical errors" and called the petition "a stunt."

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's executive director Josh Horwitz isn't buying the NRA's defense.

“The NRA is going to have to do better than, ‘The dog ate my homework.’ No one is above the rule of law, including Wayne LaPierre and the NRA leadership. We have election and tax laws in place to ensure the integrity of our electoral process, and we urge the FEC to take a closer look into the NRA’s activities,” Horwitz told The Hill.