Red Alert Politics' Ryan Girdusky appeared on Fox Business Monday to slam the media for biased reporting.

Pundits have claimed that if only Trump stayed on message, or if he said nothing at all and went missing from the campaign trail like Bill Clinton or Joe Biden in 2012, then the mainstream media would focus on Hillary. Girdusky said that such an idea is a total pipe dream.

"Even when Trump doesn't say something, even when he doesn't have a gaffe [the media] talks about Evan McMullin, the third-party candidate who's running in five states and is polling at zero percent," Girdusky said. "Harambe is polling better than he is."

The media refuses to put Hillary under the same level of scrutiny that they put Trump under, and don't profile left-wing third-party candidates like Jill Stein they way they do for Gary Johnson.

"At this point Trump could cure cancer and the media would talk about unemployed oncologists," Girdusky said.

Bias in the media is nothing new, the media has always propped up liberal attack dogs and put Republicans under far more scrutiny than Democrats.

"This is what the media's agenda is; it's specifically anti-Republican and has been with Mitt Romney when they promoted stories about how he killed a woman who had cancer, back to when they were defending Alger Hiss in the 1950s," the Red Alert Politics writer said.

Watch the full interview below: