Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs refused to address the real issues of skyrocketing college tuition and high youth unemployment during an appearance on CNN alongside host Brooke Baldwin Tuesday.

Baldwin pressed Gibbs about the tuition increases and high youth unemployment that has continued unabated throughout Obama’s nearly four years in office.

Tuition has increased an average of 15 percent since Obama took office, according to The Atlantic, while unemployment among those 30 and younger has remained stuck between a non-seasonally adjusted 12 and 13 percent all summer.

The Obama spokesman instead chose to stick to his talking points.

Gibbs chose to take a shot at Mitt Romney for having suggested college students should shop around for a cheaper college rather than taking their money to more expensive schools.

“That's not an economic development plan. we know what the unemployment rate is nationally,” Gibbs said. “We know it's about half that if you have a college education. we need to make sure that if you work hard in this country and can go to college, the cost isn't and should never be a barrier.”

Baldwin asked Gibbs if he was concerned about the level of youth enthusiasm for Obama this time around, noting the large crowds that followed candidate Obama in 2008. But Gibbs tried keeping a straight face when he told her that enthusiasm remains about the same this time around, nowhere noting that slightly less than half of all voters 30 and younger say they are supporting the President.