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Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have become extremely close since leaving office, often joking that they are like "brothers by another mother."

That makes 2016 a little bit awkward with Clinton's wife Hillary leading the Democratic pack and Bush's brother Jeb holding his own in the Republican race. It's the set-up for a unique "family feud."

The two past presidents sat down with USA Today to discuss the situation.

"He loves his brother; I love Hillary," Clinton said. "He's going to vote for his brother; I'm sure going to vote for Hillary, and something will happen. But we'll still be friends."

"I know Jeb will treat Hillary with respect, and I'm confident Hillary will treat Jeb with respect," Bush said.

However, they both acknowledged that it will get rough.

"I don't think it's going to be different," Bush said. "I think it's going to be a political campaign."

"If they win the nominations, it's going to be a very hard-fought campaign, and if it's like any other campaign, it'll be somewhat bruising, and the surrogates will be really tough, and they'll have hard debates, and we'll just live with it," Clinton told USA Today.

Clinton also made a cinematic comparison about the potential showdown.

"I just wrote him a birthday note because he just had a birthday," Clinton said. "So I said, 'Now we have a genuine family feud, maybe we ought to go get that guitar player from Deliverance and get him to play for us.' Remember that movie? I mean, the banjo player, the dueling banjos."