A coalition of musicians calling themselves "Full Frontal Freedom" is out with an eye-catching video parody of One Direction's "What makes you beautiful" calling on Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to release his tax returns.

The hunks call their faux band "Wrong Direction" in the viral video "Disclosure" and ask Romney to "disclose" what he's "hiding down below."

And just like the name of the boy bands' organization suggests, viewers of the video get multiple (increasingly uncomfortable) full frontal views of crooners Colby Melvin, Quinn C. Jaxon, David Brackett, Brandon R. Brown and Johnathan Myers.

Don't tear down your Paul Ryan posters just yet,  ladies. As it turns out, the boys are not straight. The organization was created to "support marriage equality" and claims to fight "for the social justice movement of our generation." The 'Wrong Direction' song does not discuss gay marriage, however.

It's easy to see why the parody video is getting young peoples' attention. Unfortunately, the lyrics of the YouTube sensation are predictably offensive to Republicans and are at times factually incorrect. At one point the leader of the band sings, "So c c c'mon, The Right is Wrong, You'll be exposed as a fraud, Before too lo-ong." The band also takes aim at Ann Romney, flashing an unflattering picture of the presidential candidate's wife on screen near the end of the video. It also attacks the dressage horse she uses to help cope with her MS and includes a slide of her statement that the she and her husband have "given all people need to know" about their finances.

Watch the video at your own risk. It's definitely PG-13 material that may be offensive to some. Red Alert does not endorse the content of this video.