Fusion has stepped up their trolling by creating a Twitter bot to try to shame people into not using the word "illegal immigrant."

Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas wrote an article on Fusion Tuesday and declared that it is no longer socially acceptable to use the terms "illegal immigrant" or "illegal alien" to label -- well --illegal immigrants.

"In 2015, everyone from President Obama to actress Natalie Portman has gotten used to saying 'undocumented immigrant' or 'unauthorized immigrant' instead of the outdated and offensive phrase 'illegal immigrant,'" they wrote.

Yes, if Queen Amidala from the crappy Star Wars prequels supports banning a term, then who could oppose it?

They believe, as illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas explained in an interview with them, that actions are illegal, people are not.

Unfortunately, all three of them are incorrect in their assessment. Vargas' presence in the U.S. is completely illegal. In the same way someone would refer to a bank robber as both an action and an adjective, Vargas is an illegal alien or criminal alien and that very much defines how he spends his life.

In an effort to step up their trolling game, Fusion created a Twitter bot to reply to some of the people using the word "illegal immigrant" and enlighten them that the term is no longer politically correct.

The authors noted that the bot does not spam people, so it runs once every ten minutes and never replies to the same person twice.

On Twitter, the bot's name is @DroptheIBot. It has sent over 400 tweets in the last few days and has been met with mostly angry reactions, and Hogan and Rivas just can't understand why.

I thought I might try to help the tweet bot find its next prospective victim by tweeting at Fusion and Hogan, but so far, @DroptheIBot hasn't sent me anything back.