Actress Rebel Wilson took to Twitter on Friday to discuss gun violence in America.

The comedienne tweeted her reaction to the shootings in a Lafayette, Louisiana that left three dead including the shooter, John Houser.

He suffered from mental illness and had a long history of criminal activity that included arson and domestic violence. He was involuntarily committed in 2008 by his wife and daughter because he was a threat to himself and others. They stated to a judge that he had a long history of manic depression and bi-polar disorder.

Despite all these facts about mental illness, Wilson blamed the shooting on the gun. She compared America to her native country, saying that Australia is much safer now that gun ownership is very restricted.

Wilson received some pushback from her fans who asked her about the 2014 shooting at a Sydney cafe, but she rebuffed them saying that didn't count as a shooting because she considered it a terrorist attack.

Maybe she should stay out of politics and stick to acting.