A Union College student has driven his way directly to the footnotes of campaign history. Literally.

Count Curt Myers, a rising sophomore at the Schenectady liberal arts college, as one of the first people to know that Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney had selected Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.

The campaign went to great lengths to keep its vice presidential designee under wraps before the announcement Saturday. But Romney and Ryan sealed the deal during an Aug. 5 meeting in a Boston suburb. Ryan flew from Wisconsin to Hartford, Conn., instead of directly to Boston.

And Myers picked him up.

"It was sort of a surreal experience," the 19-year-old told the Times Union. "You hear about these kind of things, but you don't think it's a real thing. ... It was pretty cool to see it firsthand."

Myers was not chosen for the assignment randomly. His mother is Beth Myers, a longtime Romney confidante who oversaw the candidate's vice presidential search process. Several media outlets, including Politico, reported about the meeting and how Curt Myers was sent to find Ryan, wearing a cap and sunglasses, and ferry him to the Myers' Brookline home in a rented SUV.

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