Fracking and young voters don't normally go hand-in-hand, but North Texans for Natural Gas is reaching out to the demographic with various projects, including a youth-oriented Frackfeed website and a "Fracking for President" spoof campaign website.

Morning Consult polling found that 57 percent of voters 18-29 believe the country "should focus on protecting the environment, even if it leads to less energy production and higher energy prices." Meanwhile, 23 percent said the country "should focus on increasing energy production and keeping energy prices low, even if it hurts the environment."

The Frackfeed site is a clear BuzzFeed replica. The Hot Topics section is for news to spread information about fracking, including easily readable and informative articles like "Let's Not Forget the Important Things That Are Brought to Us By Fracking." There's also sections for listiclesmemes, and quizzes, also aimed at educating millennials about fracking.

The "Fracking for President" site introduces fracking as if "she" were real candidate running for president, complete with a "Meet Fracking" page and an "Issues" page referencing "jobs and the economy," "national security," "education," and "environment."

The spoof video released on Monday appears as if it were a real campaign ad, complete with praise from both political parties and article citations to support its claims. The video ends with a written disclaimer: "Fracking for President is a project of Frackfeed and North Texans for Natural Gas. It is intended for educational purposes only, although we can't help it if people laugh too."

Outside consultant Loper does not speak directly for the fracking industry, but spoke about the video's goal, which is to appeal to young people who are less likely to support fracking.

"It’s more entertaining than the normal outreach," the group told Morning Consult. "It’s reaching out to all generations when talking about energy and what it does for your state, for your economy. It’s really about resonating with every generation."