In 2008, several Republicans endorsed Democratic then-Sen. Barack Obama over the Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain. But heading into 2012, many of the “Obamacons,” as The Economist dubbed them four years ago, have become disenchanted with the president, actively unwilling to vote for him or uncommited.

Of the 17 “Obamacons” who spoke to The Daily Caller over the past couple of months, seven said they still plan to vote for Obama, three expressed displeasure with both Obama and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney, three said they remained undecided, and four declined to comment.

Among those who have become disenchanted with Obama — but remain equally unenthusiastic about Romney — are foreign policy expert Andrew Bacevich; Bruce Bartlett, who served in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush; and center-right blogger and archaeologist Dorothy King.

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