A viral mom named Steph has had enough with the sexist commentary in the Olympics and has forbidden her daughters from watching it. Feminists who make these allegations need to man up; male Olympians are the by far the bigger victims of sexism, they just don't complain about it.

In a blog post on the site Grounded Parents, Steph took offense to almost every comment made by a male announcer during the Olympics.

"It started during the opening ceremony where Gisele Bundchen was described by the male announcer as 'one of Brazil’s most recognizable exports.' No mention of her accomplishments. She’s a person, not a commodity, asshole," she wrote.

Without googling it, name the three biggest exports from Brazil... I doubt they don't have a stronger word association to the country than Gisele Bundchen.

She was also irate when an NBC commentator said that the female gymnastics team looked like they "might as well be standing in the middle of a mall," and when Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú's trainer/husband was credited for his wife's success, Steph nearly blew her stack.

"He is her coach and husband. He is not the person responsible for her medal or her swimming achievements. SHE is the person responsible for her badassery."

My hunch is that Steph is the kind of woman who supports politicians like Elizabeth Warren who say business owners never built their own business, because the government built the roads. Yet, a female athlete owes all her success to herself, nothing to her coach and husband who train, push, and love her. They're basically just innocent bystanders.

"The coverage of the games is not only lacking, it is failing, big time. And I don’t want my kids to think that’s okay. I don’t want to normalize sexism and gender roles in our home," Steph said.

Well, I guess this social justice warrior mother is also going to block her daughters from social media, the internet, and magazines -- because they love to objectify male athletes.

The liberal double standard knows no bounds. Here are some headlines from Buzzfeed on the Olympians:

Guess a country based upon their speedo

Spain's Mens Water Polo Team are thirst trap

Male swimmers shaving their body hair

Male swimmers and divers who looks like porn stars

The evolution to male swimsuits from full body to speedos

19 sexy British Olympians (yes they're all men)

Yes, all sexist articles focus on the male form at it's peak, and women like Steph aren't complaining about that.

Feminist magazines are also hypocritical when it comes to sexism; they love to objectify male Olympians and no one complains.

Steph and other feminists like her can climb down from their tower of righteous indignation before they get a nose bleed. The micro-aggressions NBC commentators make about women athletes are nothing compared to the money that gay and female social justice warriors make objectifying male bodies.