A “feminist coloring book” now exists, wherein you can vent your frustrations about various manifestations of the patriarchy—like how “we live in a world that is so sexist that women still can’t wear pants on public restroom signs," and other such injustices that cry out to heaven.

The book, titled the Badass Feminist Coloring Book, is being funded on Kickstarter, where it’s raised $14,768—over three times the initial goal of $4,000.

The author/illustrator, Ijeoma Oluo, plans to include at least 20 different feminists in the book, each accompanied by “a badass feminist quote.”

The Huffington Post is over the moon about the project, calling it a “truly glorious cause.”

“I wanted to shine a light on feminists that you may never have heard of –- who don’t always fit the middle-class liberal cis heterosexual white woman image we usually see,” Oluo told HuffPo.

Along the same lines, she told Bustle, “Often the only people we see representing movements are those who most closely fit into the preferences of white-hetero-patriarchal society.

“When many people think ‘feminist,’ we think of a youngish, middle-class, privileged white woman who took a lot of women’s studies courses in college.”

Oluo’s Facebook is also a goldmine of life advice, like “Tips 4 ladiez in business: Lean in. Don't say um. Don't say just. Don't look sexy. Don't be nice. Ban bossy. Whip your d—k out at meetings.”