Fast food workers going on strike just solidified their replacement. Minimum wage hikes have already led to kiosks springing up at fast food chains, as robots replace human labor to spare employers higher costs and vocal protesters. Calls for the strike came from the "Fight for $15" movement which held their first national convention in Richmond, Va. over the weekend, Politico reported.

Though he did not win the nomination, Bernie Sanders stayed in the race long enough to see some of his key goals achieved, including a minimum wage resolution added to the Democratic Party Platform. If Democrats truly wanted to help those struggling economically in Philadelphia, where the DNC was held, and keep then out of crime, particularly impressionable youth facing high unemployment, they would look to more economically feasible solutions.

The movement specifically mentions McDonald's workers calling for a higher minimum wage and union rights, though former CEO Ed Rensi has explained that almost 90 percent of McDonald's locations are independently owned and keep only 6 cents of their sales. A minimum wage would lead to wiping out entry-level jobs, including and especially for young people, and lead to the rise of kiosks, which have already sprung at locations in the United States and are the norm in Europe.

Many workers love the minimum wage, until they find out it will cost them their job.

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Politico references Terrence Wise, an organizer who works an average of over 16 hours a day at Burger King and McDonald's to support his three daughters:
It’s about more than money, he argued. A wage increase would allow him to spend more time with his family and provide them with the “simple” pleasures of visiting the zoo, buying new bikes and new shoes for the school year. Not providing them with these things reminds him of his own upbringing. “Now my past is looking like my kid’s future,” Wise said. “That’s not good.”

Unfortunately for Wise's daughters, however, if the economic consequences of a $15 minimum wage come to be, they could still be in a sorry state.