TheBlaze has obtained an exclusive copy of an email sent to radio stations in key battleground states detailing how a radio station in New Mexico was able to score a now-infamous fluff interview with President Obama last week.

That email, which was sent on Friday afternoon, came from a promotions consultant within the radio community that works with Albuquerque’s KOB-FM — the station that hosted the interview Friday morning — and was billed as a type of how-to guide for others to follow. TheBlaze has chosen to redact the specific names and stations involved in order to protect the source.

Among the interesting tidbits: According to the message, the station did not request the interview, but was rather contacted by the president’s state campaign team.

“The request comes, at least in New Mexico, from the state campaign office,” the email says. “In KOB-FM’s case it was between them and ‘another station’. The campaign did some kind of street-level poll and KOB came back as the one they felt was most appropriate.”

Additionally, the message says that states were chosen based on their status as “‘battleground’ states and/or states that are leaning Dem.“ If the Obama campaign considers New Mexico either a ”battleground“ or a state only ”leaning Dem,” that could spell trouble: New Mexico went for Barack Obama in 2008 by nearly 15 percentage points. The fact that it could be in play in 2012 is intriguing.

Of note is that the email is clear that the campaign did not give the radio station questions, but did suggest topics as well as say that politics was off limits.

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