Eric Trump, the presidential candidate's middle son, isn't a parent yet. But he already has a soft spot for children, including those facing life-threatening diseases at St. Jude's Hospital where his personal charity tries to help.


A prize trophy hunter once targeted for criticism by animal activists, he is an unabashed supporter of 2nd Amendment gun rights and credits his love of sports shooting from keeping him as a teen from falling prey to the ills that can afflict other young rich kids. "People often ask me, 'Eric, I see so many people of your generation, and so many people that you went to school with that went a very, very different track than you in life.' They got caught with substance abuse problems, they got caught with drug problems, they went to rehab and I certainly saw that in various peers of mine," he said.

"I often tell people I credit a lot of that to the shooting sports. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed competing in trap and skeet shooting. They were things that grounded me. I loved going out fishing with my grandfather as a kid," he added.

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