[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sLZD0Ne6_8]Massachusetts Democratic Senate Elizabeth Warren makes the connection between “giving billions to Big Oil” and tax breaks for millionaires with the fact students owe around $1 trillion in student-loan debt in a new ad.

Warren says in the ad that students are crushed by debt and that they haven’t “gone on a shopping spree” because they got an education and that government should be spending more on education rather than granting more tax breaks.

“Washington needs to get its priorities straight,” Warren says at the conclusion of the ad.

Yet Warren's ad fails to recognize how studies have debunked the popular notion that increased education spending leads to improved results, nor does it address the connection between runaway college tuition and federal student aid. But instead Warren's ad creates a non sequitor between oil subsidies and tax breaks for millionaires and runaway student debt while offering no solutions beyond the usual Democratic talking points.