While the DNC paraded young female celebrities supporting Hillary Clinton, not all are behind her. Sadie Robertson, the 19-year-old star of Duck Dynasty, is throwing her support behind Donald Trump. Her father, Willie Robertson, has supported Trump since the beginning and spoke at the first night of the RNC. Sadie came to the decision on her own after she had the chance to "look into it" for herself, she told Entertainment Tonight.

Now that she's officially on the Trump train, Sadie said, "I just feel like I align most with his beliefs and views and I trust him."

Despite her support, Sadie isn't sure if she'll be appearing on the campaign trail. "People get really into politics, which you should. You should look into it, you should care about it, but … it's a touchy subject," she said.

She took a positive tone about the election overall. "This is super exciting for me because it's my first time to vote. It's really cool this year because a lot of young people are really getting involved." Sadie also had a request for those who might disagree with her, "Haters, be nice," she said, since she's on a 'no hater' diet.

Sadie and ET emphasized the importance of doing one's own research and feeling strongly about your beliefs.