Donald Trump doesn't take rejection very well. The billionaire who made "you're fired!" a household phrase is now suing Univision for $500 million for dumping his Miss USA pageant.

Univision wasn't the only television studio to drop Trump: NBC also said they will not air Miss USA. Organizers have scrambled and are now arranging a live-stream over the internet.

CNN reported that on Tuesday afternoon Trump said he was filing a $500 million lawsuit against Univision. He did not comment on a potential suit against NBC.

The outrage from both companies stems from Trump's infamous comments about Mexican immigrants bringing over crime and drugs.

Expected co-hosts Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts, an MSNBC anchor, also withdrew themselves from the pageant.

During an event in New Hampshire, Trump eviscerated the networks for abandoning the beauty contest and the women who spent years working towards the crown.

"What NBC and Univision did to these young women was disgraceful," Trump said.