Liberals and even members of the Republican establishment find Donald Trump to be a pain in the behind, but a Florida-based artist decided to take that sentiment to the next level.

The  Huffington Post reported on Tuesday that artist Fernando Sosa decided to create a Trump-themed butt plug made in his likeness and image including his famous hairdo.

But a butt plug might be the least of it. Trump paraphernalia includes some very odd things that most people would never associate with a presidential campaign.

Here's a list of some of the oddest items up for sale:

Trump butt plugs, available at Shapeways for $27.99.

A "Trump That Bitch" bumper sticker, available at Cafe Press for $3.99.

Trump 2016 flip flops, available at Zazzle for $29.95.

"You're Fired Hillary" clock, available at Cafe Press for $34.99.

"Congress, You're Fired" Trump 2016 flask, available at Cafe Press for $24.50.

A Trump-themed teddy bear, available at Cafe Press for $19.99.

Trump 2016 can cooler, available on Amazon for $7.95.

"Make America Great Again!" muscle t-shirt, available at Amazon for $16.99.

A play off of Obama's "Hope" poster, available at Amazon for $7.99.