After trying--and failing--to make Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) the Republican bogeyman throughout 2010 and 2011, Democrats are now telling the world that they are thrilled Mitt Romney has chosen him as his running mate, because they can run against Ryan's ideas, including his proposed entitlement reforms. But no one should take such adolescent displays seriously--firstly, because if Barack Obama could win by running on the issues, he would be doing so already; and second, because such pretenses at glee are a Democrat tradition.

Some of the premature celebrations are, no doubt, mere postures for campaign purposes, but it is also likely that many Democrats believe their own propaganda, as do their friends in the mainstream media. They seem to live in an impermeable liberal bubble; NBC's Chuck Todd even predicted on Friday evening that Romney would not make his selection for another week. And many seem not to have thought Ryan had a chance at all.