The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out an e-mail Thursday morning warning supporters that, "the Republicans are in all-out-attack mode." But the Democrats are the ones doing the attacking... and right on cue, the filthy rich, evil Koch brothers are in their cross-hairs.

"They’re pulling out all the stops to fire up their right-wing donors because Friday is the most important fundraising deadline yet," the email reads. "Big Oil billionaire David Koch was even given access to the convention floor yesterday!"

Oh the horror! You mean Republicans welcomed a wealthy supporter, a man who has proven that success can be achieved through hard work?

Not to mention, David Koch had another reason to be on the floor of the RNC - he was one of the Romney delegates from the state of New York.

Oh that's right - the Republicans don't subscribe to the liberal mantra that dictates successful men like David Koch and other "one percenters" are to be demonized.

Surely, no billionaires will be invited to the Democratic National Convention because, clearly, having money means you have no good interests at heart.

The DCCC is using this point as a fundraising ploy calling all Democrats to donate so that they can, "fight back against all the corporate special interest-fueled attack ads that are flooding the airwaves."

They are asking for $3 donations to fight the Republican attacks. "This is our make-or-break moment," the e-mail reads.

I hope the Democrats are uninviting left-wing billionaires like George Soros to their convention as we speak, or they may have to actually admit to their blatant hypocrisy.