Conservatives need to stop being apologetic for being successful and realize that this year’s election matters more than most have in recent memory.

Panelists including Daily Caller Editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson, Constituting America founder and Chair Janine Turner and Media Research Center founder and President Brent Bozell told activists gathered Saturday for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit that conservatives need to make a strong argument on behalf of the morality of the free-market system.

“This election actually matters, and very few elections have actually mattered in my lifetime,” Carlson said. “I think people on the right spend time too much time complaining about the liberal media. The press are liberal and are rooting for Obama. You defeat it by replacing it.”

But conservatives have their work cut out for them because the political Left enjoys a “natural advantage” over the right because they are passionate about their own beliefs and view the other guy as evil incarnate, Carlson said.

“We need to stop being apologetic,” Bozell said, referring to the left’s attacks on the free-enterprise system.

Conservatives need to stop letting the left get away with saying that being successful is wrong, according to Bozell.

“We need to challenge those who aren’t productive to be productive and say so boldly,” Bozell said.

Turner agreed, saying the free-enterprise system encourages a higher standard of living than can be found in places where it doesn’t exist and that those values need to be transmitted to the next generation free from the spin of the left-wing media.