The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) confirmed my theory this afternoon that its opposition to Voter ID laws is an election year political ploy to gin up support from predictably Democratic voting blocks, not an attempt to stop so-called voter suppression.

In an email to supporters with the subject line "this could cost us the election..." the DCCC claims that Voter ID laws are "blatantly partisan -- since the voters affected traditionally vote for Democrats."

The email falsely accuses that, "Republican governors across the country have enacted discriminatory voter suppression measures in swing states targeting minorities, the urban poor, and the elderly."

It goes on to ask supporters to sign a petition to stop "Mitt Romney and the Republicans from stealing this election."

Of all the wild emails I've received from the Democratic Party's campaign apparatuses this election cycle, and I've seen some absurd ones (Al Gore's email from the DCCC claiming that the Republican Party "has been hijacked by an extremist fringe," for example), today's email from the DCCC is the most offensive one I have received. It is not only insulting to Republicans, but to the American democratic process.

I expect Democrats to paint Republican candidates and ideals as 'extremist' in their hyperbolistic fundraising emails. But it is another thing entirely to malign the efforts of Republican governors and state legislatures to stop voter fraud and protect the integrity of our electoral process, which forms the base of our democracy. The only people trying to 'steal' this election are institutions that are attempting to stop states from purging voter rolls of non-citizens and dead people and ensuring fair elections.

Laws requiring voters to present a government issued photo ID in order to prove their identity at the polls helps protect ordinary Americans from identity theft at the ballot box and makes certain that each person is able to fulfill their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote without fear of not being turned away on Election Day because someone else had already voted in their name.

The only people these laws target are non-Americans - who do not have a right to vote in American elections..

What's ironic about the DCCC's claim that these "blatantly partisan" laws affect elderly people is that Americans who are 65 and above are more likely to vote for Republicans, not Democrats. Thus, the DCCC and other Democrats claims that Voter ID laws are intended to 'suppress' elderly Americans' votes doesn't even fit with the narrative they are trying to scare Americans into believing.

Democrats across the nation are shaking in their boots because every day it becomes more clear that GOP nominee Mitt Romney has a fighting change of winning this election. Rather than campaign on the Barack Obama's accomplishments (he only has one - Obamacare - and it is unpopular),  liberal organizations and the Democratic campaign committees are trying to convince reliable Democratic voting blocks that their right to vote is being threatened by Republicans to get them fired up enough to get out the vote for Barack Obama again.

Today's email from the DCCC was sent out by the organization's policy director. Here's some unsolicited advice to for the D-trip policy shop - in the future you should make a policy not to knowingly send out false emails about laws that help make certain that America continues to function as a democracy with one person, one vote.