A Dartmouth professor is teaching a summer course about the Orlando massacre, but is ignoring the topic of radical islamic terrorism, according to The College Fix.

At Dartmouth College, a women's, gender, and sexuality studies professor named Eng-Beng Lim is teaching a course this summer titled “The Orlando Syllabus.” In his own words, Lim says that his course “address[es] the emergence of ‘toxic masculinity,’ mass violence, racism, and homophobia in the aftermath of the shootings in Orlando, Fla.”

The syllabus, which is posted online, is mostly comprised of links to articles from websites like Vox, Slate, The Guardian, and The Nation, which are known for having a liberal bias. Not once in the syllabus does the word "terrorism" appear. The weekly units for this course include: "From Gender to Gun Performativity," "Laughing at Masculinist Rage, Corruption and Mass Shooting," "Empire, Trump," "Gun Phallocracy: Colonial and Capitalist Deadlocks," "Performance & Patriarchal Pathologies," and "Queer Nightlife: Safety, Joy, Erasure and Complacence."

"The biggest takeaway for any student taking such a course would presumably be that masculinity, guns, and the Republican Party are waging a systematic war against queer people and Muslims," Sandor Farkas of The Dartmouth Review wrote. "Lim mistakenly assumes all conservatives are members of the alt-right or Donald Trump supporters who have racist or homophobic tendencies. He also seems to believe that America is some kind of quasi-imperial dictatorship run by everyone but a select group of minorities."

In an interview with Farkas, one Dartmouth Review staffer described Lim's class about the Orlando shooting as "ideological hackery, pure and simple" and believed that the course wouldn't be much more than "a bunch of blog posts by partisans and ideologues.” Despite the fact that the Orlando massacre was committed by Omar Mateen, who pledged his commitment to ISIS, there is absolutely nothing being taught about the threat of radical islamic terrorism in this course. Rather, this course is placing the blame of the Orlando massacre on other factors.

"God help this nation as syllabi like Lim’s currently serve as reading lists for tomorrow’s leaders," Farkas said.