Reacting to Donald Trump's stunning Wisconsin defeat, Stephen Colbert pointed out that "analysts say he lost because of 'things he said and done,' also, and this is just as important, things he hasn't said." Many have complained about Trump's failure to come up with specific proposals.

During Monday's town hall with Sean Hannity, Trump finally got specific in answering which departments he would get rid of. This "absolutely" includes the "Department of Environmental," since "the DEP is killing us, environmentally. It's killing our businesses." Colbert pointed out "even the abbreviation is wasteful, because that 'P' does not stand for anything."

Colbert confirmed that they looked it up and the department does not exist, "meaning, either Trump is talking out of his ass, or, he's already eliminated it. That's very impressive. And you know, if that's the case, it's just a matter of time before  Trump eliminates all the other wasteful departments we don't need because they don't exist."

A few other examples included:

-The Federal Bureau of Moneying

-The Department for the Farms

-The Bureau of Birds & Foxes

-The Environmental Erection Agency

-The U.S. Steak Department

-The Department of the Inferior

-The U.S. Ghost Guard

-The Department of Justins

-The United States Mint Chocolate Chip

-The Department of Health & Human Centipedes

Of course, Trump was speaking of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but with mistakes like this, he is making it all too easy for left-leaning late night comics to mercilessly mock him.