Hillary Clinton has enjoyed the endorsements of dozens of celebrities, from Snoop Dogg to Tony Bennett -- but isn't receiving the same amount of love from House of Cards creator Lords Dobbs.

In an interview with Buzzfeed on Friday, Dobbs said that Clinton is the real Claire Underwood, the show's cold, manipulative, calculating, and power hungry first lady.


“She is a political figure in her own right – behind the scenes, but now increasingly in front of the scenes," Dobbs explained. "That is much more of a Claire character than, for instance, Cherie [Blair], who as far as I’m aware didn’t become actively aware in politics as such.”

The character's husband, Frank Underwood, is Machiavellian, while Claire is like Lady Macbeth, desperate for her husband to amass power. During the show's first season, she was an environmental lobbyist who was propelled to the role of second lady of the United States thanks to the couple's scheming.

Ultimately Frank became president, but Claire still wanted more. Her husband appointed her to an international position in the UN and a member of his cabinet. The show's creator presented the Underwoods as a "two-for-one package" -- much like the Clintons in the 90's.

Clinton can't be happy with the comparison, but she has lived with a cold persona who is unable to relate to connect with ordinary people for decades. That's why it was such a big news story when she offered up some crocodile tears before the 2008 New Hampshire primary.

Even the left has made fun of Clinton's icy and power hungry persona on Saturday Night Live.