Most of us have probably said some things about our exes that we regret. But most of us haven’t been charged with “harassment”--unlike former University of Kansas student Navid Yeasin, who was expelled from school for tweeting that his ex was a “psycho b—h.”

It seems Yeasmin and his one-time girlfriend had had a rocky relationship, and the school issued him a no-contact order. Following that order, he obliquely tweeted about her, referencing a “psycho b—c” and #psycho, but never explicitly named her. He was off-campus at the time, and the ex was blocked from seeing his tweets.

But for KU, even the hint of saying something nasty about her behind her back was enough to kick Yeasmin out the door. His case is now before the Kansas Court of Appeals, where the school's lawyers are portraying his tweeting as "retaliating and harassing her, seeking to alienate her."

The school claims they were upholding Title IX’s anti-harassment policies. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), which are both backing Yeasin, argue that this is simply “yet another example of a university erroneously believing it must chip away at protected free speech in order to comply with Title IX.”

During oral arguments for the case, the appeals court judge seemed skeptical of the university’s argument. According to KCTV, he pressed the University’s lawyer, "Why isn't that prior restraint of speech?"

"You can't talk about anybody, isn't that right? Isn't that what you're saying?"

FIRE has more background on the case here.

(h/t Reason)