An assistant college professor claimed on Twitter that all whites have benefited from slavery and are complicit in the evil institution that was abolished nearly 150 years ago.

And when asked what whites should do to remedy the situation, Professor Adam Kotsko said whites must "commit mass suicide."

After receiving a backlash for these statements, Kotsko insisted he was only joking because apparently he thought suicide was humorous.

Campus Reform reported Friday that Kotsko responded to his critics by tweeting parodies of headlines and commentary on the benefits of white people committing mass suicide.  He also slammed anyone who attacked him, calling them among other things "sad and pathetic people" and "ignorant."

“I do not hold that view, nor does anyone else in the entire damn world,” Kotsko wrote on his blog a few days later. "This time it’s more hilarious to me. Aside from the fact that so many people can’t detect the most obvious sarcasm in the history of sarcasm."

He also tweeted that "whiteness" only exists to "subordinate and exploit other races."

Ultimately the assistant humanities professor at Shimer College made his Twitter account private and unavailable to the general public.

Kotsko previously caused controversy when he said that he was unsurprised that the publishers of Charlie Hebdo had become victims of the terrorist attack. He later apologized for those remarks.