A new video from College Humor highlights just how outrageous being politically correct has become. While preparing for the intervention of their friend, Katie, who is on cocaine, a group of friends end up getting into a fight over insensitive and politically incorrect words. They focus on calling each other out, only to then say something not very PC themselves and complain how they can't say such things.

Phrases included:

  • "Ghetto"
  • "Girl" or "little bitch"
  • "Retarded"
  • "Oriental"
  • "Gay"
  • "Lame" is ableist
  • "Man-up" is sexist
  • "Pussies" is gross
  • "Crazy"

The PC advice focuses on how "language evolves" and "culture is just constantly shifting," with advice to "just apologize and move on." Others are told to "take responsibility for the hurtful things you're saying."

Towards the end, a young woman breaks the news that actually, the phrase 'politically correct' is not really politically correct anymore... "it's a microaggression."

One friend says that you can say whatever you want, but that everyone will think you're "an asshole." As they all erupt into arguing over who is an asshole, Katie walks in and admits this is why she does cocaine.