Stephen Colbert spent 40 minutes hosting a random Michigan public access TV show, and at one point interviewed Eminem while pretending to have no idea who he was.

"Since my last show ended in December, I've been itching to host a talk show again," Colbert said, "but my new theater's not ready yet, so I decided to head over to Monroe, Michigan, look around, and give it a Michigander."

Colbert asked Eminem where he was from (“Michigan area…Detroit”) and whether he liked Bob Seger. Which then led to Colbert quizzing/challenging Eminem on his Seger fandom.

Colbert continuously pretended he had never heard of Eminem, asking him at one point whether he hoped to make rapping a career or more of a hobby.

Once Colbert started giving him fatherly advice about trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Eminem couldn't take it any more.

"I'm so confused right now," Eminem said. "I'm trying to figure out if you're serious, really don't know...?" 

The whole hour of Colbert is below, with the Eminem portion coming around 22 minutes in: