Hillary Clinton likes to think of herself as a champion for women and someone who's willing to punch through a glass ceiling. The only thing more annoying that her ego and sense of entitlement is her campaign's anthem "Fight Song."

While there has never been a scientific study, it's safe to say that "Fight Song" is easily one of the worst songs of the year. This isn't even a partisan issue, it's just a terrible song.

“I hate ‘Fight Song.’ It’s one of the worst songs ever released,” Gerric Kennedy, Los Angeles Times music writer, told Yahoo News. “It’s schmaltzy, forgettable.”

Kennedy wasn't the only reporter who blasted the song:

A Bernie Sanders campaign staffer even told Yahoo News that the song was a “wrecking ball inside my brain.”

Only a total political hack or music novice like Sen. Christ Murphy (D-Ct.) would openly praise the song. He also liked Nick Lachey's solo work, and not just the one song about Jessica Simpson dumping him.

There are good campaign songs that Clinton could have picked from. She could have picked "This is the Song That Never Ends" and it would have been better than "Fight Song."

Still, it fits Clinton's campaign like a glove: It's corporate, repetitive, and panders to women. That's what she does best, just ask millennials, Latinos, and Beyonce.