Volunteers for the Hillary Clinton campaign in Iowa are trying out a new method of grassroots organizing, in the form of "Kayakers for Hillary."

The Huffington Post reports that Brian Beatty, who has been involved in Democratic politics across Iowa for years, said he decided kayaking would be a great way for fellow volunteers to connect and get involved in the campaign organization.

“What this event is trying to do is to bring people into the bright sunshine, enjoy nature and to have a lot of fun. We’re coming together, eating barbecue, having a little kayaking and talking about the issues.”

Even some members of the former secretary's Iowa team are turning out to the volunteer-driven events, like staffer James Dahman. Dahman told HuffPo, "I think we identified in our area about 50 new supporters, which is amazing, very incredible.”

One kayaker, an 18-year old named Emily Fenner said, "We are just trying to get active involvement so we’re not just boring each other talking, speeches, stuff like that.”

According to the Huffington Post, Clinton volunteers in Iowa have also started a morning yoga group in Cedar Rapids and a quilting group in West Branch, and are planning regular community service projects across the state.