Just minutes after Clint Eastwood's speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC), which involved him having a discussion with an invisible Obama seated in a chair, a twitter account popped up mocking the actor for his conservative outburst. Predictably, Eastwood's liberal Hollywood colleagues were not too fond of his outspoken condemnation of the President.

The Twitter account, titled Invisible Obama features a twitter profile picture of, what else... an empty chair.




By Friday morning, its Twitter following was well over 39,000.

And Eastwood's agreeing to appear at a Republican Convention does not put him in good standing with the rest of Hollywood or the liberal media either.

Eastwood has been showered with hate speech ever since his dramatic speech which ended with the punch line, "when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go."

"Drunk," "Sad," "Pathetic," and "Crazy," are just some of the words used by liberals to describe Eastwood.

The Huffington Post is featuring an article called, "EASTWOOD UNHINGED: Clint looses it at Republican Convention."

But the real problem that makes liberals feel the need to lash out with hate, is that the GOP finally got a little bit of star power... and star power from one of the greatest legends in Hollywood at that.

And the greatest thing about the blowback is that no matter how hard Eastwood's put-out Hollywood peers try to peg him as, "off his rocker," the sound of that familiar voice openingly scoffing at Obama's failed policies and the visual of the greatest tough-guy in American film drawing a line across his throat to signal the end of Obama's career is the only thing that is going to stick.