Liberals call him "f***ing garbage ass." We call him "the Kanye West of Journalism."

Social justice warriors have once again proven their intolerance for free speech with the uproar over an anticipated Milo Yiannopoulos event at Clemson University in October. Clemson student Ian Anderson is trying to make sure Yiannopoulos has "no platform" to speak, and claims to be working with a professor to get the event shut down.

Anderson says his tweets are private "due to stalking + harassment," but Campus Reform was able to include screenshots in their reporting.

Anderson's tweets are referring to University of California-Irvine, where Milo successfully spoke in the spring. Although the university initially sanctioned the College Republicans from inviting him again, they were ultimately unsuccessful. According to Milo's tour schedule, he will be speaking at UC Irvine on October 30 and Clemson on October 18.

Milo was not the only one who came under Anderson's wrath.

This tweet is directed towards Mitchell Gunter, a student who is involved with the free speech advocacy group called "WeRoar."

"Milo Yiannopoulos reminds us that the First Amendment is still the law of the land, including and especially at American colleges and universities," Gunter told Campus Reform. "Too many universities grovel to the leftist Thought Police and prohibit constitutionally-protected expression."

In addition to facing problems at UC Irvine, DePaul University refused to let Yiannopoulos appear on campus again after he was threatened and nearly physically assaulted by Black Lives Matter protesters. The university also recently banned conservative speaker Ben Shapiro. Milo faces angry student protesters nearly everywhere he goes, including American University and Rutgers University.

When leftist students are confronted by "hate speech" from conservative speakers they don't like, they promise to take action, as they did over Clemson subreddits. The user has spoken out against white males more than once on Reddit.

Comment from discussion Milo Yiannopoulos: Make Clemson Great Again.

Comment from discussion Milo Yiannopoulos: Make Clemson Great Again.

WeRoar seems to have anticipated the outcry. "Milo is a cultural litmus test," member Alexander Cullen told Campus Reform. "If he comes to your campus to express and exercise free thought and students at that school are traumatized by that, what does that say about the intellectual maturity on that campus?"

"College students are unable to emotionally cope with ideas that conflict with their own," member Kyle Brady said. "This has created a progressive movement nation-wide to limit free speech. Whether it be through safe spaces or vague speech codes, millennials have begun to strip themselves of their own right to free speech. Milo shatters this idea of self-restriction and sounds a wake-up call to millennials across the nation."

Anderson's previous antics on campus resulted in his arrest, along with others who were part of a protest group known as the "Clemson Five." The group staged a nine-day sit-in on campus in April and refused to leave an administration building until a list of seven demands were met, which unsurprisingly included the commitment to prosecute "defamatory speech."