In a charmingly funny and "irrelevant" interview, Fox News' Greg Gutfeld spoke with Libertarian Gary Johnson, though, Gutfeld said he would have preferred the third presidential candidate to be something more exciting, like a "robot giant lizard."

Gutfeld referred to Johnson as "a sleeper candidate" and one who is "for free markets and free minds." While Johnson is a former two-term governor who was able to cut spending without raising taxes, the two talked about how he's also seen as "kind of goofy" and "weird."

When it comes to his list of priorities, Johnson mentioned reducing the size of government and promoting civil liberties, which to him means legalization of marijuana, and support for same-sex marriage and abortion. He also spoke of his support for free markets and his opposition to military interventions.

Gutfeld said he is pro-drug legalization, however, "too many young people... get a bong and end up on the couch and their ambition is gone." Johnson argued it's "not criminal" that people would "take the edge off the day" with marijuana like others do with alcohol.

He maintained his libertarian stance that he is always going to come down on the side of choice, "as long as you're not doing harm to anybody else."

"Look, people ought to be able to make choices in their lives as long as those choices don't adversely affect others," he said.

Gutfeld and Johnson agreed that "everyone has the right to their own oblivion."