[caption id="attachment_142256" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie conducts a town hall meeting (Todd Mizener/The Dispatch via AP) 


Chris Christie's fiery side was back out on display at his latest town hall in Iowa.

Christie, who has a "C" rating from the NRA, was challenged by a member of the audience on his gun record and the Republican presidential candidate didn't take too kindly to the accusations.

A man, who wouldn't identify himself by name to the Des Moines Register, had a four-minute back and forth with the New Jersey governor.

"I'm still waiting for one fact from you, one fact about me being anti-gun," Christie said. "Give me one. One fact. Got one?"

The man questioned a 2013 New Jersey proposal for a statewide gun-owner identification program.

"By the way, I vetoed the ID system," Christie responded. "You're wrong about that too."

The man, who would only say he was with a group called Iowa Gun Owners, also mentioned an ad from Christie's failed 1995 run for New Jersey State Assembly that stated Christie supports a ban on assault rifles, the Register reported.

"If you haven't changed your mind once on a single issue in 20 years, then I'll tell you you're not a thinking, breathing, living human being," Christie replied.

Christie then shut him down with this final comment.

"If you want debate me, run for president, get in the top 10 and come to Fox in Cleveland on August 6 and I'd be happy to debate you."