New Jersey Governor and notorious straight talker Chris Christie is the latest GOP presidential candidate to enter the race, and he is already "telling it like it is."

Christie officially announced his campaign on Tuesday and the same evening appeared on Fox News Channel's Hannity, where he gave his opinion on each GOP candidate--including Rand Paul, whom he called "dangerous for our national security."

In the lightning round segment of the interview, Sean Hannity asked Christie to say what first came to mind about the following people. Christie, true to form, was blunt yet calm, a far cry from some of his more infamous directness.

Though Christie's comment on Rand Paul was tough, he had kind things to say of the other potential GOP candidates:

Jeb Bush – “good man”
Sen. Ted Cruz – “very bright”
Marco Rubio – “charming”
Donald Trump – “a friend”
Carly Fiorina – “smart”
Ben Carson – “tough”
Joshn Kasich – “a really good friend and a great guy to have a beer with”
Scott Walker – “tough, stands up for what he believes in”

Not safe from Christie’s labels? Barack Obama, whom he called “a failed president” and Hillary Clinton, whom Christie said “doesn’t belong being President.”

Christie has promised to tell the truth and hold back nothing for the sake of politics in his campaign, adopting the slogan “Telling It Like It Is.”

(h/t Breitbart)