Fox News' Neil Cavuto invited 'Fight for $15' activist Naquasia Legrand to debate New York's recently passed minimum wage increase.

Legrand, who kept a composed smile throughout the interview, argued that a massive minimum wage hike was the only way to increase wages for all and fight income inequality.

“Everything else is going up but our pay," Legrand said.

But, Legrand had no cogent answer when Cavuto asked about jobs losses from these new laws. He asked her about companies introducing automation because of these high wages, saying, "a lot of your colleagues you’re fighting hard to support, and get them higher wages, could find themselves out on the unemployment line.”

She claimed, "These corporations … know for a fact that they can pay us more than what they’re paying us now. They can afford it.”

However, business leaders have argued otherwise. As Red Alert reported, Hardee's CEO Andy Puzder said, “With government driving up the cost of labor, it’s driving down the number of jobs.”

Preliminary data from Seattle's minimum wage hike seems to support Puzder's claim, with teenage employment declining by 34 percent in 10 years.

Red Alert's top story in 2015 followed this trend: "Pizza shop worker loves Seattle’s new $15 minimum wage, until he finds out that it cost him his job."

Here's the full video from Your World on Fox News:


(h/t The Blaze)