The University of San Francisco has bypassed its Catholic identity and hired Julie Orio, who once chaired the Women's Community Clinic, an organization that provides abortion medication. Orio was hired as the new vice provost of student life, Campus Reform reported.

In a press release, the university touted Orio's involvement with the clinic. "Beyond her responsibilities at USF, since 2006 she has been actively involved in the Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco, serving as board member and chair," it said.

The Women's Community Clinic not only provides contraception, but pregnancy testing and options counseling, which includes abortions; and medication abortions. The clinic also provides referrals for abortion services. The Catholic Church is abundantly clear in its opposition to both birth control and abortion.

The press release does not mention Orio's Catholic values or credentials, beyond a statement from Orio that she "look[s] forward to advancing our mission-driven initiatives."

Part of the school's mission is to "promote learning in the Jesuit Catholic tradition."

The university has had a relationship with the clinic before. In 2010, it made Dr. Eve Zaritsky, then the medical director of the clinic, a featured speaker for the Global Women's Rights Forum, which was sponsored by the Theology and Religious Studies Department.

After the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage last summer, the university came under fire for celebrating the decision on Facebook and Twitter and for participating in a gay pride parade.

Earlier this year, the university president congratulated the basketball coach on marrying her female partner. Coach Jennifer Azzi also told students who did not agree with her marriage that they were not welcome on the team.