The cast of HBO’s The Wire, the acclaimed show portraying the rough streets of Baltimore and the consequences of drug-war-centric policing, held a touching reunion in Baltimore this weekend. They gathered at the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric, where each read monologues of real-life city residents.

Dominic West (Det. Jimmy McNulty), Michael K. Williams (Omar Little), Wendell Pierce (Det. Bunk Moreland) Sonja Sohn (Shakima Greggs) Andre Royo (“Bubbles”) Felicia Pearson (Felicia) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (D’Angelo Barksdale) all participated in the event, according to CBS and The Baltimore Sun.

Their performance, “Wired up!” centered around the community’s experience of the Baltimore riots. 

"We can't wait for more people to die," Sohn said. "We can't wait for any more black men to die at the hands of police officers who were acting irresponsibly.

"One thing we as artists can give back is that we know the power of storytelling," she said. "We know how it heals and radiates outward and what it inspires in other people. And so, we're going to give a platform to these folks who felt they were not being heard.”

More from The Baltimore Sun:

"'The Wire,' is the most realistic depiction ever made of the confusing and difficult relationship between citizens and the police," said audience member Bryan Sansone, 29, who lives in Baltimore and said he's viewed all five seasons of the show four times. Chase Roberts, 25, also of Baltimore, appreciated that actors who lived out of town traveled to Baltimore on their own dime to participate in the performance. "I like the idea of the cast getting together for such a meaningful cause," he said.

The show derives some of its realism from its creator, David Simon, who spent years as a police reporter in the city. He has long used the show as a platform to discuss justice reform.

“The drug war destroyed police work in my city,” he said earlier this year. “Wrecked the police department.”